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Friday, Jul 19

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Welcome to Divide Zero Networks

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About Us

Divide Zero Networks offers cheap, fast, reliable PHP and mySQL virtual web hosting for personal, professional, and business entities. Firmly believing in dynamic database-driven websites, Divide Zero proposes a complete server-side solution of HTML, PHP, and mySQL. PHP's ease and power in allowing website users to interact with the server makes it a prime choice for e-commerce, shopping cart, complex search engine, article retrieval and storage, user verification, and other necessary functions for today's competitive web world. Furthermore, supported by the robust backend database of mySQL, Divide Zero gives you the all the tools to do anything you want on the web. With more and more large sites like google.com, Redhat, Winamp, and NASA JPL using PHP, it is time to jump onto the bandwagon of reliable technology. Divide Zero's services also include complete raw logs, detailed graphical logs, POP3/IMAP e-mail, a domain name that WE purchase for you**, IP Addresses, Customer Support, and much much more. Click here to see our cheap php web hosting packages!

What are PHP and mySQL? Why Web Host on them?

PHP (a recursive acronym for php: Hypertext Processor) is a server-side scripting language that is distributed by php.net as open-source code. mySQL is a relational database management system that is distributed by mysql.com and it's mirrors. Together, they make the perfect pair for everything needed in terms of web hosting and web development. PHP is used to create dynamic web applications such as shopping carts, login systems, and other e-commerce techonology. mySQL is used in conjunction with PHP to serve as a database-backend for PHP. Relevant information is stored in the mySQL database; PHP is used to accessed this information. For web hosting, mySQL and PHP are the prime choices as they work together to delivery a robust solution to any web problem.
MySQL utilizes SQL (Structured Query Language) standards for syntax, and is one of the strongest databases used for web applications. PHP's strength, on the other hand, lies in a number of factors, including its simple syntax, functionality, and ease-of-use. With commands similiar to those of other high-lever programming languages such as c++ and perl, PHP is truly a powerful language for the web. On top of its soft learning curve, PHP's raw power in in terms of database connectivity is paralelled in few other server-side languages. Unlike other cumbersome database-connectivity with languages such as Perl or ASP, PHP has a plethora of useful, predefined mySQL functions. Web hosting with PHP and mySQL naturally follows.

Why PHP?

PHP has been developed since 1994. Quickly gaining popularity with the release of PHP3 in 1998, PHP gained momemtum in the web world and web hosting arena. It is now employed as a first-rate web language by widely recognized organizations such as Google.com, Mitsubishi, Redhat, MP3, Lycos, Ericsson and NASA.
Finally, PHP is reported to be used on 23% of all Apache servers--making it primary server-side language in terms of popularity for web hosting. With Apache making up over 54% of the web server market, and the number of web sites using PHP growing at a rate of 20% per month, PHP is clearly a dominant language. Today PHP4 is the clear leader in reliable server-side opensource scripting.

Making the Right Choice

Consider letting Divide Zero Networks host your website and giving you the tools to invest in the techonologies of tomorrow. View our virtual web hosting page here.

*Referred customer must order package of equal or lesser value for you to receive a free month of hosting. If package referred customer orders is of lesser value, Divide Zero will give you a discount of that amount.
**Only with Professional or Business Package.

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